In the Spirit of Giving

Isaiah's Angels Random Acts of Kindness

We can focus on how much we have lost, or focus on how much there is to give. I for one will attempt to give as generously as I have received. This holiday season Isaiah's Angels challenged ourselves to participate in five random acts of kindness. This number was chosen in order to closely observe the act and its responses. Stipulations:

  • Basic good manners were not be considered

  • No act would be considered too small

  • The act did not need to be financial in nature

  • Personal gain could not be factored into the act

The best part of all? No need to publicly proclaim the actual good deed. These acts were a heartfelt communication between the giver and receiver. The responses to these acts ranged from the recipient expecting the behavior which encouraged the giver to share even more; to the recipient being overwhelmed with gratitude and surprise which had those that gave see a shift in everyone's spirit.  Hopefully that shift will ripple outwards and continue to spread joy, gratitude and love.   We will continue our #random5 project throughout 2015! Hope you will join us!